Google Penalty Recovery

Have your website stopped performing? Are your ranks gone down suddenly? Are you not able to find your website on your keywords in search engines results?

Your website might be hit by Google penalty. Google always try to show the best possible result and it keeps on updating its algorithms for filtering the spamming results. The manipulating websites get caught in such updates and sometimes legitimate websites also get affected in such updates. This may happen because of your wrong SEO strategy. Sometimes SEO agencies use manipulative tricks to stay ranked on top but such practices are very harmful in long rum. The SEO strategy has to be changed as per the Google updates.
To provide better search results Google uses its algorithms like penguin and panda. These algorithms filter the result on the basis on quality and relevancy on the web pages. Penguin checks the links that come to your webpage and analyze the quality of those links. However panda checks the quality on the content on your webpage. Recovery from penalty is possible by our penalty recovery services. We have experts team who will ensure that your websites again comes on tract and starts performing. The three major Google penalties are, Penguin , Panda and manual action penalty. Once google runs algorithmic updates a lot of websites get affected but in case of manual action penalty only your website will be affected and the needful has to be done by you only. So if your ranks are down the first thing you need to do it to check the webmasters account to find out whether your website is affected by manual action penalty by Google. You can find this under Search Traffic button in the left side menu.

Google is not only dependent on its algorithms but it has engineers who check websites manually and if they find that your website does not comply with the parameters they penalize your website and it stop appearing in the search results.

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