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Emergency Bankruptcy to Stop Foreclosure

Are you facing foreclosure or automobile repossession? A crisis bankruptcy filing could be capable to stop these actions in their tracks. Our Tampa Bankruptcy Lawyers do NOT advise to wait till the last moment to file for bankruptcy. Nevertheless, it’s possible to submit a bankruptcy petition before your house is captured. Call (813) 222- 8210 for more info.
It’s essential to file your emergency bankruptcy petition before the official date the home will be marketed. Keep in mind that each of the filing requirements must be fulfilled. These include preparation and submission of the petition, getting crediting counseling along with other requirements. webspytechnology Law Group, P.A is best bankruptcy attorney that may help you to get your emergency filing done on time to save your home or vehicle.
Note: It’s not suggested to make emergency bankruptcy filing. There are occasions when it’s required, however. Bankruptcy demands extensive paperwork, and has very specific deadlines and actions.
A threat of submitting emergency bankruptcy is that if an error is made, the judge may dismiss your case or deny it. If you DO need to file an emergency bankruptcy, be sure to opt for an experienced bankruptcy lawyer to represent your interests.

Why File Emergency Bankruptcy?

Whenever you submit your bankruptcy petition, an automatic stay begins. The automatic stay prohibits creditors from harassing you for payment. If you’re 3 months behind on your mortgage, the mortgage company might not contact you further for payment. Any ongoing foreclosure proceedings must halt.
An emergency bankruptcy petition has a minimum forms to complete. When this is done, the automatic stay begins. So your house is protected from creditors, and you’ve time to talk with your lawyer in detail on how to assemble proceed.

How to File Emergency Bankruptcy

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy requires you to take a credit counseling class.
It is available online. Once you’ve finished the course, you’ll be given a certification that you’ve passed. It has to have a date that’s a minimum of one day before the emergency date.

Next, to start your bankruptcy, you need to file at least these documents:

  • Voluntary petition: A 3 page application which has all your personal info, quantity of debt total number of creditors.
  • Creditor matrix: Lists all contact information to your creditors, along with the course that you understand the requirement the course that you understand the requirement.
  • Exhibit D: – This informs the course that you understand the requirement of credit counseling as a condition for submitting emergency bankruptcy.
Once these first forms are registered, you’ve 2 weeks to submit each of the other forms. Your bankruptcy lawyer will keep you organized and make sure you file everything you need. Call (813) 222- 8210. Individuals that are in serious financial problem can. Sometimes it’s critical to stop lender collection tasks fast. If you want to stop foreclosure or car repossession, it is vital to contact an experienced attorney in bankruptcy law proximately. Our law firm offers no obligation consultations.